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Doctoral degree programmes

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Palacký University offers J. L. Fischer Scholarship to international doctoral students

Palacký University Olomouc announced the J. L. Fischer scholarship for the academic year 2018/19. The scholarship is intended for full-time students of doctoral degree programmes in foreign languages.

The scholarship conditions are set by individual faculties. The dean of the appropriate faculty will select a specified number of students from the group of applicants. The J. L. Fischer scholarship will be awarded on the basis of assessment of submitted documents. Previous academic activity, including the contributions of individual applicants at academic conferences, and to assessment of their publications, will all be taken into account.

The Faculty of Arts announces a J. L. Fischer grant for the three best future students on the doctoral study programmes:


The goal of the Andragogy doctoral study programme is to raise scientifically competent professionals. These competencies are demonstrated by graduates´ autonomy in the area of understanding and developing scientific theories in the context of his/her own research project. The doctoral study programme focuses on the consequences of andragogy in the field of social and human studies and its links to other disciplines – especially to education, sociology and psychology, including their application areas, for instance adult learning and education theories, human resources development and theory of (social and personal) counselling.

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Cultural Anthropology

Cultural anthropology is an academic discipline that deals with the study of the origins, development and functioning of sociocultural systems. It is the study of sociocultural norms, ideas and artefacts, which are created, shared and transmitted by humans in the past and present. Cultural anthropology focuses on dynamics of cultural changes in local contexts; its research interest recently aims at global sociocultural processes.  The graduate is capable to discuss current topics of biological, social and cultural anthropology with regard to problems and challenges of present-day societies, intercultural conflicts and social tensions.

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Graduate of the doctoral programme is a highly qualified expert in the field of history and an expert in the particular specialization of the dissertation with broader topical, methodological and theoretical perspective. He/ she will follow global research trends in the field of history, having an overview of current production in the field. He/ she will be capable of creative research work as well as practical application of gained skills. A range of work opportunities is relatively wide. He/ she will be fully qualified for the work on academic position or in many highly qualified positions in the field of humanities and social sciences (universities, schools, museums, archives etc.).

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Doctoral study of philosophy (P6101) is a full-time or a distanced study programme for three years. In special cases it is possible to ask for a shortening, interruption or extension. Study program is modular with a credit system. At the beginning the student together with the supervisor creates an individual study plan which must correspond with the courses enrolled in STAG.

Political Science

The Department of Politics and European Studies is fully certified to provide a doctoral study program in politics. It represents the highest possible level of university education available in the field, enabling the students to embark on their professional career in political science. Our goal is to educate professional political scientists, capable of independent research and qualified for careers in academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and the private sector.

Clinical Psychology
Educational Psychology

In 2015 the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Arts of Palacky University in Olomouc was accredited for the provision of doctoral study programmes in the fields of clinical and educational psychology with English as the language of instruction.


The PhD programme in sociology provides advanced education and academic training for professions in research and development, such as, in institutions of higher education, research institutes and think tanks, private sector, NGOs and governmental organisations.

One grant of an annual amount of € 8856 is designated to cover the costs in connection with studying.

Deadline for applications for doctoral study programs for the academic year 2018/19: 30 April 2018.

Application form The application fee is CZK 650 (non refundable).

Validation of your foreign education in the Czech Republic is essential for the decision on admission to the study program.




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