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Organization of foreign affairs at Palacký University

  1. ERASMUS+ programme is administered by the main Office for International Relationes of PU (hereafter referred to as the OIR) –The Rector's  Office, Křížkovského 8
  2. All other international programmes (e. g. CEEPUS, AKTION, Visegrad Fund, Freemover etc.) are administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs (hereafter referred to as DFA) at the particular faculty.

Department of Foreign Affairs at the Faculty of Arts

Mgr. Jana Hořáková
tel.: + 420 585 633 014   
Křížkovského 10, Olomouc
2nd floor, room 2.20

Mgr. Lenka Haničáková
tel.: + 420 585 633 496  
Křížkovského 10, Olomouc
2nd floor, room 2.20

Office hours:
Monday     9.00–11.00, 13.00–15.00
Tuesday     9.00–11.00
Wednesday     9.00–11.00, 13.00–15.00
Thursday     9.00–11.00

 Departmental coordinators of the Faculty of Arts  


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